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When you buy our quality cooked ingredients, you will enjoy the UK's most comprehensive range of Micronized Cereals, Pulses , Full Fat Soya's and straight ingredients, be it for Ruminant, Equine NOPs , Monogastric Diets or Companion Animals. As again we move into volatile markets, with much uncertainty, risk management is key. Let us manage that with bespoke contracting arrangements.

What is Micronizing

Micronizing is the name given to a cooking process that uses infrared rays to cook cereals,pulses and oilseeds at lower temperatures and for shorter times than other heating methods.


MMF deliver consistently high quality products to exacting specifications. The development, maintenance and revision of quality testing procedures ensure that all products continue to exceed expectations!

Crops to Cash

Masham Micronized Feeds is committed to helping our local economy. We buy as much raw material as we can direct from local farms through our crops to cash sceme.



Queen's Award For Innovation

Masham Micronized Feeds' development, production  of the internationally acclaimed Speedi Beet was awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category 2008.

The patented process used to produce Speedi-Beet turns beet pulp into a convenient, nutrious quick-soaking flake, which can absorb up to five times its weight of water in under 10 minutes. Sold by the division British Horse Feeds in over 30 countries on five continents

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EU Wheat Comments


EU grains closed mostly lower. London wheat was lower on the back of a slight improvement in sterling.

At the close Nov 16 London wheat was down GBP0.95/tonne at GBP125.75/tonne, Sep 16 Paris wheat was EUR1.50/tonne lower to EUR158.50/tonne, Nov 16 Paris corn was down EUR1.25/tonne at EUR164.25/tonne, Nov 16 Paris rapeseed was EUR1.25/tonne weaker at EUR374.25/tonne.

For the week that puts London wheat GBP6.25/tonne weaker (-4.7%), Paris wheat down EUR4.25/tonne (-2.6%), corn down EUR2.50/tonne (-1.5%) and rapeseed EUR3.75/tonne (-1%) easier.

There's been some sterling strength in evidence this week, which explains why London wheat fared the worst compared with last Friday.

There's also probably the factor at play that it there's going to be a shortage of any type of wheat this season then it's going to be quality milling wheat not feed wheat.

Egypt's GASC bought 180,000 MT of Russian wheat for Sep 21-30 shipment in their tender. There's some talk that they may need to devalue the Egyptian pound, and seek financial help from the IMF as they only have sufficient cash reserves to cover 3 months of imports.

Russia's wheat harvest was placed at 70 MMT (up from 61 MMT a year ago) yesterday by the IGC. Others have it even higher. Harvesting so far (62% complete) has brought in a crop of over 60 MMT, and in excess of 16 MMT of barley.

They look like making up for the vast majority of any French shortfall this year on their own.

The IGC estimate world 2016/17 wheat production at an all time high 743 MMT, up 8 MMT from last month and 7 MMT above the previous 2015/16 record. Consumption is only seen at 732 MMT, with ending stocks rising by 12 MMT from last season to a highest ever 229 MMT.

It's particularly unfortunate for wheat that this year also brings along a record world corn crop (forecast at 1069 MMT by the IGC). Ending stocks for corn are also seen sharply higher year-on-year.

It's going to be tough to rally much from here with global stocks at such lofty levels. If you want UK wheat prices up then further sterling depreciation is your best hope, but London wheat hasn't even had that crutch to lean on this week.

CBOT Comments


Soycomplex: Beans crashed lower despite solid weekly export sales. These came in at 115,100 MT for old crop and 1,939,600 MT for new crop - primarily for China (1,001,000 MT) and unknown destinations (771,000 MT). That was well above trade expectations. Reports from the ProFarmer crop tour showed better pod counts for IL and western IA, indicating bumper production there. The IGC estimated world soybean production at 325 MMT vs 321 MMT last month and 316 MMT last year. A Bloomberg survey into trader/analyst sentiment on beans found 6 bulls, 12 bears and 8 neutrals. More rains are due for the central and southern part of the soy belt the next 7 days. The trade continues to see the rains as beneficial for grain fill. Sep 16 Soybeans settled at $9.98 1/4, down 32 1/2 cents; Nov 16 Soybeans settled at $9.75 1/2, down 29 3/4 cents; Sep 16 Soybean Meal settled at $324.30, down $7.20; Sep 16 Soybean Oil settled at 32.91, down 66 points.

Corn: The market closed around 4 cents lower. Weekly export sales of 71,100 MT for 2015/16 were a marketing-year low, but then again there are only a few weeks left in that campaign. Sales of 1,059,900 MT were reported on new crop corn. The Buenos Aires Grain Exchange estimates Argentine corn harvest 93% complete. The IGC estimated the world corn crop at 1030 MMT vs 1017 MMT last month and 969 MMT last year. A Bloomberg survey into trader/analyst sentiment on corn found 5 bulls, 8 bears and 13 neutrals. China shifted 0.5 MMT of the 3.2 MMT of corn on offer at their latest corn auction. The ProFarmer crop tour is getting close to wrapping up its crop findings for the year. They are generally below the USDA on corn yields, and this year is expected to be no exception. Current guesses are 169-172 bpa vs the USDA's recent 175.1 bpa. Sep 16 Corn settled at $3.23 1/2, down 4 cents; Dec 16 Corn settled at $3.32, down 4 1/4 cents.

Wheat: The wheat market closed around 2-4 cents lower. Weekly export sales came in at 379,700 MT for 2016/17 - down 22 percent from the previous week and 21 percent from the prior 4-week average. Exports of 564,000 MT were down 21 percent from the previous week, but unchanged from the prior 4-week average. The primary destinations were Indonesia (83,200 MT), Taiwan (56,900 MT), Colombia (56,600 MT), Chile (46,800 MT) and Venezuela (41,000 MT). A Bloomberg survey into trader/analyst sentiment on wheat found 3 bulls, 13 bears and 10 neutrals. The Russian wheat crop keeps getting larger with SovEcon raising their estimate to 73 MMT. The French wheat harvest is officially over, and despite their production problems Nord Cereales have suspended delivery into their Dunkirk silo due to lack of available space. The IGC raised world wheat production to 743 MMT, up from 735 MMT last month. Sep 16 CBOT Wheat settled at $4.01 1/4, down 2 3/4 cents; Sep 16 KCBT Wheat settled at $4.05 1/2, down 2 1/4 cents; Sep 16 MGEX Wheat settled at $4.97 3/4, down 4 cents.

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