About Masham Micronized Feeds

Masham Micronized Feeds (MMF) is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of premier animal feed ingredients.

This North Yorkshire firm 's division was established in 1974 to develop products based on a new technology called micronization, in which infrared rays are used to cook feedstuffs at lower temperatures and for shorter times than other heating methods.

Micronization improves the nutritional value of cereals and pulses. Benefits include an increase in available energy and improved digestibility due to the gelatinization of starch molecules. This is particularly beneficial in starter diets for young animals and poultry. Micronization creates a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing product in flaked form - ideal for creating visually appealing finished feeds.

Over forty years on, Masham Micronized Feeds is now the UK Market leader and one of Europe's largest, most experienced suppliers of cooked, micronized animal feedstuffs to traders, wholesalers and feed manufacturers in the agricultural, pet and equine sectors. The MMF brand and ethos has become synonymous with:

  • Top quality products
  • Advanced technology
  • Excellent service
  • Extensive and developing product range
  • Comprehensive quality assurance systems
  • Fully UFAS  and BETA NOPS accredited producing safe ingredients

Our customers, in some 30+ countries around the world, come to us for quality products, and professional service with a personal touch.

Masham Micronized Feeds is a division of I'Anson Brothers, which has been supplying farmers across Yorkshire and the North of England with quality feedstuffs since 1900.

Since 1974, a vigorous research and development programme has enabled us to extend and develop the micronization process. Today Masham Micronized Feeds is one of Europe's largest, most experienced suppliers of micronized and flaked products to the Animal Feed and Pet Food industries .

We are the sole developers, manufacturers and patent holders for the number one selling quick-soaking sugar beet - Speedi-Beet. This is sold in 26 different countries and was a Winner of the Queens Award for Enterprise in the Innovation Category.