What is Pelleting?

Pelleting, or compounding as it is sometimes known, is a process in which multiple raw materials are blended together, ground, bound with liquids then pressed and cut into hardened pellets. The process also includes a heating and conditioning phase in which the meal is cooked mixed ensuring even distribution of all ingredients in the finished feed.  Pelleted feeds are common in the ruminant and equine sectors and small pellets are also widely used in small pet feeds to provide a correctly balanced mineral supplement.

Benefits of Pelleted Products

The pelleting process allows a many raw materials to be combined in relatively small quantities to create a nutritionally balanced feed. Micro-additions of high value minerals can be incorporated and even distribution throughout the mix can be assured. Pellets are an excellent way of delivering high quality balanced nutrition to animals either as a complete feed or as a component in a diet.

Our Unique Process

I'Anson Bothers has been producing pelleted feeds for over 50 years and is well experienced in the production of high specification feeds for all species. As a non-medicated mill, you can be assured that all products produced on our pellet line are drug and cross-contamination free. Our integrated manufacturing plant makes it easy and cost effective for us to incorporate Micronized ingredients into our compound formulas and all the nutritional benefits they provide.

We are able to offer 3mm, 6mm and 14mm standard pellets as well as a unique lozenge design exclusively to I'Ansons and MMF. Pelleted feeds are available in bulk, I.B.C. tote bags and sacks or varying size.