Specialist Sourced Ingredients

Ever wanted to include a small quantity of a special ingredient but couldn’t justify the expense or the quantity of the minimum order? As a primary supplier to the feed industry MMF source and stock many specialist products and make them available in small quantities to be tagged onto any order. So the next time you need a tote bag of locust beans, linseed expeller lozenges etc.. remember that Masham Micronized Feeds truly is a “One Stop Shop” for feed ingredients and a single source of supply for all your needs.

Import & Supply

We have a strong network of ingredient partners be it within the U.K or overseas, if you are looking for a particular ingredient or indeed consumables it's likley we will find it for you or know some one that can.. were just a phone call away from solving your problems !

Risk Management

Customers of Masham Micronized Feeds are assured of fully secured prices, whether the market is rising or falling. Buy from us and enjoy the security of fixed margins, through contract risk management. Long ,medium and short term fixed price, fixed tonnage contracts are available for all products to mitigate risk and lock-in raw material costs. Spot price loads and short term price trade agreements are also available for more ad-hoc requirements.

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