Solutions for the Agri-Trade industry

I’Anson are a long established supplier of premium feedstuffs to the Yorkshire farming community. This experience coupled with our experience in Micronizing has led to the development of the most extensive range of super cooked ingredients for ruminant and mono-gastric diets. Our Masham mill can produce and deliver our entire range in formats to suit your requirements including pre-mixing to reduce your storage and haulage requirements. Our reputation for quality and service makes us the number one choice for those looking to incorporate the benefits of Micronized ingredients into their feeds.


The enhanced digestibility and nutrient availability created by the Micronizing process has proved to be highly beneficial in ruminant diets. Whether included as a ground component in a pelleted diet or in flake form in a coarse mix or blend, the advantages of "super-cooked" ingredients in ruminant diets are recognised throughout the industry and MMF products can be found in many premium feeds.

Mono Gastric

As one of the largest suppliers to the pig diet industry, MMF has invested considerable time and resources into the development of a range of Micronized ingredients specifically tailored to meet the need of the piglet creep and starter diets. Enhanced digestibility and flexible formats makes MMF the perfect supplier for the key components to premium pig feeds.


As the creators and patent holders for the world’s No. 1 bestselling quick-soaking sugar beet fed to thousands of horses worldwide, MMF has considerable experience in the equine sector. Our production facilities are 100% medication free allowing us to manufacture an extensive range of flaked, pelleted and coarse ration products for the equine market.