Coarse Ration

What is Coarse Ration?

A coarse ration, or coarse mix, can combine straight raw materials, pellets and Micronized flakes to create a muesli like product which is both visually appealing and high in nutritional content. There are many grades of coarse mixtures, from a simple blend, to fully processed rations that include the addition of liquids and minerals in a controlled batch process and mixing plant. Coarse rations are common in the pedigree agricultural markets, Equine  and in the small pet industry.

Benefits of the Products

Coarse rations combine all the benefits of pellet and Micronized feeds with additional unprocessed ingredients such as alfalfa. Together these can be combined to create a feed that draws unique benefits for each of its ingredients which are not damaged or destroyed by the coarse mix production processes. The finished feeds are aesthetically pleasing and palatable and often command a higher retail value than simple straight or pelleted feeds.

Our Unique Process

Our Masham site contains a state-of-the art coarse mix plant capable of blending straight raw materials, pellets, Micronized flakes, liquids and micro-additions together into finished diets. The entire process is computer controlled ensuring precision addition of each ingredient followed by a control mixing process designed to ensure and even and consistent finished blend. Products can be delivered in bulk, I.B.C tote bags or paper or plastic sacks of varying size labelled and palletised on our fully automated robotic packing line to ensure perfect presentation.

With all the ingredients onsite, MMF offer a fully outsourced production service for coarse rations allowing you to offer premium grade products in your own brand with investment in plant and technology. Even if you do have internal capability, it may be more cost effective to have us produce the finished feed and transport  to you rather than bringing the ingredients in from multiple sources.