Custom Manufacture

Choosing Masham Micronized Feeds means you’re choosing from a wide selection of stock products, from whole wheat to chinchilla pellets, from flaked maize to long fibre calf rations. Despite our extensive range, we know you might need something different and our custom manufacturing services deliver just that. Whether you’re looking for a blend of flakes pre-mixed together or a mineral concentrate pellet made to you own formula, whether you looking for 29 tonnes in bulk delivered in the UK or a tonne of bags freighted to the otherside of the world, we have the knowledge, skills, plant and systems to deliver exactly what you want, when and where you want it!

Pre-mixed Micronized Products

Often the optimum feed value is achieved by combining several micronized products in a single diet. In coarse mixes where flakes add to the products visual appeal, having a mix of textures and colours is highly desirable. To save purchasing, transporting, storing and adding the products separately we offer a range of premixed flakes available in bulk, I.B.C. tote bags and sacks. These mixes have been formulated to meet general nutritional and aesthetic needs of the industry. At MMF we realise every diet is different and requirement cannot always be met with a standard mix. In these situations we offer a custom mix service allowing you to specify the exact mix of flakes and the packaging you like to receive them in. This gives you all the control of mixing the flakes yourself without the overheads of separate storage and transport.

Mineralised Pellets

Pelleting is a long established and excellent method of delivering minerals in coarse mix or blend without the risk of uneven dispersion or in-process loss. We manufacture and stock a range of mineral concentrate pellets specifically designed to meet the needs of the small pet industry including rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. If you have more specific requirements for an individual product or range, we can develop and manufacture custom formulas to meet specific nutritional and financial requirements. Our nutritionists can work with you to design an individual ingredient or a complete diet then the pelleted components can be produced and delivered in whatever formant you require.

Sub Contract Manufacture

As well as working collaboratively to help design and produce individual components of diets through our Micronizing and Pelleting plants, we also offer a straight sub-contacted manufacturing service whereby we produce a product to an exact specification and formula supplied by you. This service is used by many companies to produce products or pre-mixes they don’t have the machinery or capacity to make themselves. All formulas and specifications are treated in the strictest of confidence and remain exclusive to you. Packaging and delivery is also configurable to meet your requirements and can be changed on a per load basis.