What is Micronizing?

Micronizing is the name given to a cooking process that uses infrared rays to cook cereals and pulses at lower temperatures and for shorter times than other heating methods. Gas burners are used to generate the infrared rays that are absorbed by the products. The raw materials are passed under the burners on variable speed belts to achieve the desired level of "cook". The product is then passed through a roller mill to create flakes. These flakes can be used whole or ground into a meal.

Benefits of Micronized Products

Micronized products provide improved nutritional value over feeding the same materials uncooked. Increased available energy and improved digestibility are both achieve due to the gelatinisation of starch molecules during the cooking process. This is particularly beneficial in starter diets for young animals and poultry.

Micronized flakes not only provide an excellent source of highly available nutrients for a finished diet but contribute aesthetically to the products appearance. When used in a coarse ration, Micronized flakes add vibrant colours and texture to the mix and provide a more natural look than coloured extrusions.

Our Unique Process

With over 30 years experience, MMF have established themselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of Micronized products across Europe. Our continual commitment to product and process development means we can offer the widest range of products, forms, mixes and packaging either from stock or made to individual specifications. Investment in process technology, which includes the development of our own patented processes, ensures all MMF manufactured products are produced to the highest standards in the most efficient way.