Quality Systems

A key to MMF's success has been the ability to deliver consistently high quality products to exacting specifications. The development, maintenance and revision of quality testing procedures that permeate the entire business from goods in to final delivery ensure that all products continue to exceed expectations and that as a business we remain at the forefront of our industry adapting to changing conditions and regulations quickly and efficiently.

Testing & Analysis

The most important part of any quality system is monitoring ,analysing and "real time proceedure appraisals. Continual investment in the latest technology has allowed us to further refine our manufacturing systems and provide customers with greater detail about finished product quality.

Over the last few years, traditional NIR (Near-Infra-Red) machines have been replaced with Diode Array systems provided by a Swedish company. Together, I'Ansons and Perten have developed specific calibrations for raw materials, Micronized and compound products that measure a wide array of constituents that are fed back to process control to ensure products are consistently manufactured to the highest possible standard. Chief amongst the many advantages the Perten technology offers has to be the speed with which tests can be performed and the accuracy and repeatability of the results provided.

In 2009 a new project aimed at monitoring the moisture, density and temperature of feeds in process, in real-time was launched.

Using the technology outsourced by an industry leader, accurate real-time readings are made available to process control every few seconds removing the need to manual scheduled sampling and instead relying on integrated systems to continually monitor and control product quality.