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Locust/Carob Bean

Carob or Locust trees (ceratonia Siliqua L.) have been grown around the Mediterranean for thousands of years. The tree itself is an evergreen and produces carob pods up to the size of 15cm long. The pods - locust beans are harvested during September and October each year. The kernels from the pods are separated and used for the production of locust bean gum. Locust beans are the remaining broken pods after the kernels are removed.

Very low protein, with a high sugar content. They are highly palatable, and are a traditional inclusion often added to coarse mixes to improve palatability.

Typical Analysis

Fresh Weight (%)
Dry Matter86
Energy Levels (MJ/Kg)
Ruminant (ME)10.3
Poultry (ME)8.9
Pig (DE)8.3

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