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Micronized Full Fat Soya

High quality Micronized Full Fat Soya Beans manufactured from only the best grade soybeans. Micronization optimises protein solubility, oil availability and reduction of anti-nutritional factors.

Provides high quality by-pass protein and oil, whilst maintaining ileal digestibility levels; with good amino acid profile and high in EFA. Reduced levels of TIA and urease activity ensuring optimum nutrient uptake. Manipulation of the micronizing process allows for differing requirements between ruminants and non ruminants.

Improves production performance parameters across species: Higher levels of polyunsaturates in milk, increased live weight gain across species, and increased nutrient density in poultry feeds.

Suitable for all diets. It is of particular use in younger animal diets to increase the nutrient density without the associated problems of high levels of fat.

Suitable for all ages.

Masham Micronized Soya is less oily in texture than other full fat  soya forms  and has improved flowing charateristics with the result of less bridging in bins.

Typical Analysis

Fresh Weight (%)
Dry Matter86
Energy Levels (MJ/Kg)
Ruminant (ME)16
Poultry (ME)15
Pig (DE)18

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Suitable For

cattlesheeppigpoultryequinedogsmall petwild bird

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Summary Spec

Micronized Full Fat Soya Summary Specification

A single page dowloadable document with basic details about Micronized Full Fat Soya's contents, energy levels and its application.