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High quality Micronized Flaked Beans. Micronization optimises starch gelatinisation, disrupts cell walls and can optimize protein solubility.

Gelatinised starch has higher rumen by-pass and ileal digestibility than raw starch; disrupted cell walls allow improved nutrient access to intestinal enzymes, also affects water holding capacity and increases gut transit time; improves by-pass protein without affecting ileal digestibility.

Beans are a source of protein rich sulphur amino acids. Micronized Beans can improve production parameters and improve feed conversion due to greater availability of nutrients and a higher energy than other forms. They can also improve feathering in poultry.

Suitable for all classes of animal. Micronized Beans are of particular use in companion animal diets/ small pets etc.

Suitable for all ages. Levels can be increased for the older animal.

Typical Analysis

Fresh Weight (%)
Dry Matter86
Energy Levels (MJ/Kg)
Ruminant (ME)13.5
Poultry (ME)12.9
Pig (DE)15.5

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Suitable For

cattlesheeppigpoultryequinedogsmall petwild bird

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Available Packaging

bagibc totebulk

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Detailed Spec

Micronized Beans Detailed Specification

Full detailed information including nutritional breakdown of Micronized Beans for use by customers.





Summary Spec

Micronized Beans Summary Specification

A single page dowloadable document with basic details about Micronized Bean's contents, energy levels and its application.