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Cooked Rolled Oats

High quality Cooked Rolled Oats. Micronized and slightly rolled still retaining the husk. Suitable for all species.

Particularly of benefit to Ruminant diets compared to non-ruminant due to the higher fibre content. As they are high in fibre they are particulary suited to all Equine diets and that they are micronized make them less "fizzy" than unprocessed oats.

Typical Analysis

Fresh Weight (%)
Dry Matter86
Energy Levels (MJ/Kg)
Ruminant (ME)11.4
Poultry (ME)10.5
Pig (DE)13.2

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Suitable For

cattlesheeppigpoultryequinedogsmall pet

Available Formats


Available Packaging

bagibc totebulk

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Summary Spec

Cooked Rolled Oats Summary Specification

A single page dowloadable document with basic details about Cooked Rolled Oats contents, energy levels and its application.