Information Technology

I.T. is playing an increasing significant part in the business today, from sales and administration to production and transport, computer systems are no longer an ancillary service but an integral part of modern business. I'Ansons have always invested in computer systems aimed at delivering tangible benefits in either customer service, product quality or operational efficiency.

In 2003, an ambitious 5 year plan to completely revolutionise the role of I.T. within the business was launched. The project saw the installation of, amongst other things, a site wide fibre-optic backbone that integrates all administration, process control, telephony and video systems into one network. On to this new infrastructure an advanced business management and ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX, was deployed and developed to meet the specific needs of the animal feed industry.

In 2006 the results of this project gained international recognition when I'Ansons were awarded the highest accolade of "Overall Excellence" by Microsoft in the Customer Awards at their annual Convergence conference recognising "Outstanding Achievements" in multiple categories of excellence.

The award served not only to recognise the achievement to date but also reaffirmed our commitment to continued innovation in all areas of technology. Developments in process control and monitoring including real-time and scheduled reporting to mobile devices, desktop gadgets to show current plant status and flexible web based reporting have all been advanced to empower staff to make the right decisions at the right time.